Managed services

Managed DMARC services

Gain full visibility and governance across all email channels. Improve deliverability and block inbound attacks.

Anti-Phishing Protection & Monitoring

Proactively monitor and remove sensitive content through technical and human interaction with a worldwide network.

Social media cyber-security protection

Complete social media cybersecurity protection for corporates and VIP/ Executive/ Individuals.

Rogue/Fake Mobile Application Protection

Prevent unauthorised Mobile apps from impersonating your trustworthy brand for the purpose of fraudulent activity.

Web application security assessment

A single solution to find, secure, and monitor all of your web applications. With a detailed report of all vulnerabilities.

Mobile application security assessment

Deep assessment of the security of mobile applications to deliver quality results. The detailed report enables application developers take their product to the next level.

Managed vulnerability assessment

Enabling organizations effectively implement vulnerability management and remain significantly safer from data breaches and theft.

Security solutions


Vulnerability assessments are the foundation of creating a proactive information security program, moving beyond reactive measures like firewalls to start actively identifying your holes and sealing them up.


Web applications are often tailor-made and tested less than off-the-shelf-software; the repercussions of a web attack are often worse than traditional network-based attacks.


Tests for SQL Injection, XSS, XXE, SSRF, Host Header Injection and over 3000 other web vulnerabilities. It has the most advanced scanning techniques generating the least false positives possible.


An integrated platform for awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks. Built to manage the continuing problem of social engineering.


Continuous validation of your enterprise security program so you can find the gaps, strengthen your security posture and exercise your incident response capabilities.


A complete at-a-glance look at your compromised hosts, systems and servers. Deploy from the cloud across your entire network to uncover threats within just hours.

Professional services

Penetration testing

Find business logic and other complex vulnerabilities in web, mobile, desktop, backend and IoT applications: both manual and automated testing.

Web Application Security Assessment

Web application security assessment can be performed manually or automatically, and should continue throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It will typically include safety protocols, security checks, and regular assessments, as well as safe coding practices, secure firewalls, vulnerability testing, and the installation of protocols that will ensure safe operation.

Architecture review & technical audit

Poor design of architecture may expose the application to many security loopholes. It is preferable to perform the architecture review at the design stage, as the cost and effort required for implementing security after development is high.

Code review

Find and fix mistakes introduced into an application in the development phase, improving both the overall quality of software and trust associated with the brand.

Assurance services

Tailored assessments of cyber and information security threats and weaknesses to enable and implement a sustainable and pragmatic programme of Information Security improvements, and embed a security culture within the organisation.

Internal audit

Annual audits establish a security baseline against which you can measure progress and evaluate your information security status.

Policy & procedural development

Conceptualizing and creating a suite of information security policy documents to cover all information security bases, which can be targeted for specific audiences such as management, technical staff and end users.

ISO27001 & PCI-DSS Consulting

Providing practical advice to help you improve your current security programme and meet the requirements of ISO-27001 and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS).

Knowledge Academy

MENAInfoSec conducts public workshops and in-house corporate workshops for organizations across Middle East and North Africa.